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Cooking Classes
Bellview Hill Cooking Classes

My classes are for people who want to cook and share their cooking with friends & family, from beginners to more advanced cooks.

I offer residential classes at Bellview Hill B&B in the Bellview Hill commercial kitchen. The hands-on classes are limited to a maximum of 4 participants. Everyone will have ample opportunity to share in the preparation of the food.

I will teach you the importance of mise en place, or planning, and good food handling practices, so your next family dinner or party with friends can be an enjoyable stress-free occasion. Classes are designed to teach basic cooking skills and their application, with some more advanced techniques for more experienced cooks. I hope to encourage people to enjoy cooking at home for family and friends.

We will use the best fresh seasonal produce with an emphasis on what is available locally. Using seasonal produce ensures we are eating food at its best, full of colour and flavour. It gives us something to look forward to with the changing seasons.

Some of the recipes and techniques we will use are:
  • Pastry, short, choux and filo
  • Soufflés
  • Breaking down poultry
  • Making pasta
  • Using gelatin
  • Cooking using a bain-marie
All equipment is provided including pens and aprons.
All guests are asked to bring closed-in leather shoes for wearing in the kitchen, and something to tie back long hair.  Please do not wear jewellery to the classes.